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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability is a critical aspect of the business philosophy and business strategy of the REWE Group. The 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) address the most important challenges facing sustainable development on the global level. The group of companies intends to help the United Nations to reach these goals by making its own special contribution to sustainability.

As part of this work, the sustainability officers of the REWE Group have compared the company’s Sustainability Strategy and business processes with the 17 SDGs and their 169 sub-goals, drawn up a list of priorities and identified the areas that are most relevant to the company. In 2016, the list was discussed with the stakeholders with whom the REWE Group conducts a continuous dialogue. The company regularly reviews the SDGs to identify additional potential for its work. In 2021, two other SDGs that have become increasingly relevant to both society and the group of companies were added: SDG 13 Climate action and SDG 5 Gender equality.

The REWE Group is focusing on two particular aspects in this regard: the impact of its business activities on these goals and the positive role that the company can play in achieving them. In the process, the range of areas throughout the value chain where the company could have an impact is being considered – from purchasing, cultivation, production, warehousing and logistics to stores, sales and consumption.