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for More Climate Protection

We want to make a measurable contribution to curbing global warming.

We are aware of our responsibility for climate protection and are reducing GHG emissions in our business processes as well as our product supply chains.

  • We will become carbon neutral on the company level (all countries and companies) by 2040.
  • We will reduce our GHG emissions on the company level by 30 per cent by 2030 (all countries and companies).
  • By the end of 2030, we will achieve an absolute reduction in GHG emissions of 15 per cent in our store brand supply chains compared to 2019.
  • We will agree on climate targets with our suppliers by the end of 2024.

Our Measures

What specific actions we are taking

On a company level:

We are using more climate-friendly natural refrigerants

From 2025 onwards, we are going to source around one tenth of our total annual capacity of around 900 megawatts from a wind farm in the North Sea – that is around 16 per cent of our electricity requirements in Germany.

We are building resource-friendly and energy-efficient stores in accordance with the Green Building criteria of the German Sustainable Building Council.

We are optimising our logistics to reduce emissions when transporting goods.

In the supply chain:

We are making our supply chains for wood / paper, palm oil and soy feed deforestation-free by the end of 2025.

We are making all sales and service packaging store brands at REWE, PENNY and toom Baumarkt more environmentally friendly by the end of 2030.

We are helping our suppliers to define climate targets with the REWE Group Supplier Platform.

We are switching our soil range at REWE, PENNY and toom Baumarkt to peat-free alternatives by the end of 2025.

We grow our PRO PLANET peppers, tomatoes and strawberries in sustainably operated greenhouses.

Our Success

What we have already achieved


We have cut our specific GHG emissions on a company level in Germany and Austria by more than half compared to 2006.

All stores in Germany have sourced green electricity only since 2008.

Our store brand range has been certified as deforestation-free since 2019 in the case of fresh eggs, drinking milk and fresh poultry – and since 2021 in the case of pork and beef.

We support the NABU climate fund with 5 million euros annually – the largest moorland restoration project for agricultural land in Germany.

Since 2008, 315 stores have been built in accordance with the Green Building criteria of the German Sustainable Building Council.

We have introduced the vegan store brands “Food for Future” and “REWE Bio + vegan” – thus driving innovative approaches in the industry.

The objectives, measures and successes in the supply chain cover the store brands of the REWE and PENNY sales lines in Germany; exceptions are explicitly stated.


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