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Together for More Animal Welfare

We want to promote animal welfare across the board. We are serious about our responsibility to contribute to an improvement in livestock farming.

We are committed to upholding and improving animal welfare standards and to strengthening animal welfare in livestock farming.

  • We aim to transition both our fresh pork, beef and poultry range and our drinking milk range to livestock farming systems 3 and 4 by 2030.
  • We want to establish a higher level of animal welfare in all supply chains that include goods of animal origin by 2030.

Our Measures

What specific actions we are taking

We are continuing to develop our product ranges and switching to higher livestock farming systems.

We define minimum requirements for suppliers far beyond what is required by law.

We embrace innovations such as breeding a more suitable breed of turkey for organic farms.

We run regional programmes to promote improved livestock farming systems on local farms and shorter transport distances.

We cooperate with standards bodies and industry initiatives to improve animal welfare standards.

We are expanding our vegan product ranges.

Our Successes

What we have already achieved

Our fresh store brand eggs are 100 per cent free of chick culling.

Through the animal welfare organisation Initiative Tierwohl, we have improved the farming conditions for 647 million pigs, chickens and turkeys annually since 2015.

100 per cent of our milk from pasture-raised cows is certified with the animal welfare label “Für mehr Tierschutz” of the German Animal Welfare Association.

100 per cent of our fresh milk comes from Austria and Germany.

The scope of application includes the store brands of the REWE and PENNY sales lines in Germany; exceptions are explicitly stated.


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