REWE Group Sustainability Report 2018

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Partners and Friends of REWE Group,

“We are aware of our responsibility and act sustainably.” We added this principle to our mission statement 10 years ago and turned the issue of sustainability into a main pillar of our company strategy. Our first REWE Group Sustainability Report was released in business year 2008 with the title of “A Question of Value”. The title, I think, was appropriate. The values that we jointly embody represent the heart of our cooperative organisation. Sustainable principles and action extending across generations, collaboration and a powerful sense of community are the essence of our culture.

The sustainability reports we have issued since 2008 have accomplished two things: First, they have served as a document that elaborately describes the sustainability projects. Second, they have established specific goals, thus underscoring the responsibility we have assumed for society and the environment. With its far-reaching commitment and its reports, REWE Group became the first company in the food retail sector to examine the issue of sustainability from a comprehensive perspective and initiated a positive change in the entire industry: Sustainability is now an issue of vast strategic importance in Germany’s food retail sector.

Our core business – retail as well as travel and tourism – is closely linked to the lives of millions of people every day – in Germany and Europe. As an international combine with around 360,000 employees, REWE Group assumes tremendous social and environmental responsibility. What’s more: We have an obligation to positively influence the impact of our business activities, as an employer and economic agent.

The challenges we face are multiplying: The issues that have moved to the very top of our long agenda include measures to stop the increasing loss of biodiversity, climate protection, our fight against single-use plastic, the protection and strengthening of human rights in the complex global supply and value chains as well as the promotion of sustainable farming, animal welfare and health in animal husbandry.

The latest sustainability report impressively shows that we at REWE Group have not just successfully tackled these issues. As an active driving force, we also demand and encourage sectoral change processes that address social, environmental and economic needs – including in areas that extend beyond the reaches of our own business areas.

I hope you have an inspiring read.

Lionel Souque