REWE Group Sustainability Report 2017

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Partners and Friends of REWE Group,

A long tradition is the strongest foundation for a secure future. As a traditional, cooperative company, we have made sustainability a fixed part of our culture for the past 90  years. At the same time, we have served as a pacesetter in biodiversity who has worked intensely for more than a decade to protect the animal kingdom.

The successful monitoring work we performed in the Lake Constance area of Germany in 2017 clearly demonstrated the positive impact that close collaboration among environmentalists, farmers and retailers can have on the habitats of wild bees. With the help of nesting adds, flowering strips and tree planting in and around fruit farms, we succeeded in doubling the number of species.

By contrast, a PENNY store demonstrated to us in May just what can happen if producers, environmentalists, retailers and consumers fail to work together. All products that no longer would exist without bees and other pollinating insects were removed from the store’s shelves. The result: 60 per cent of all products were missing. As you see, our only recourse is to intensify our commitment.

In our current Sustainability Report under the motto “Tradition. Diversity. Future.” we provide you, our readers, with a detailed look at what we achieved last year in terms of sustainability and, above all, where we intend to go.

In a reflection of this topic’s high priority at our company, we are now issuing our sustainability report annually.

I hope you enjoy this interesting report.

Lionel Souque