REWE Group Sustainability Report 2017

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Partners and Friends of REWE Group,

What impact do your own consumption habits have on our environment? The answer to this question is becoming even more important to our society. As one of the leading trade and tourism groups in Germany and Europe, we are consciously aware of the responsibility we bear for global product streams.

A comprehensive overview of our supply chain is a key element of our sustainability strategy, one that serves as an integral aspect of our purchasing processes. To be optimally positioned for the future and to meet a broad range of different requirements, we have developed the “Green Products” strategy. As part of this strategy, we continuously integrate environmental and social considerations into our purchasing processes. We have also set clear strategic priorities in the areas of conservation of resources, animal welfare, fairness and diets.

We have already achieved some important successes, achievements that would have been impossible without close collaboration between suppliers and producers. These accomplishments include the continuing redesign of our store brand packaging to make it more environmentally conscious, the reduction of sugar and salt in our store brand ranges, scientific research designed to stop the slaughter of male chicks, systematic detox training for textile products in China and Bangladesh and the construction of water lines and kindergartens in Costa Rica – to name just a few of them. The supply chain is filled with points that must be addressed, and our responsibility does not end once a product has been procured.

Under the motto “Tradition. Diversity. Future.” our report describes the sustainability activities we took last year. In the report, we also introduce you to new steps and solutions that demonstrate our approach to the challenges we face today and will face tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy this fascinating report.

Best regards,

Jan Kunath
Deputy Chief Executive Officer