REWE Group Sustainability Report 2017

Public Policy

GRI 415: Public PolicyManagement Approach

To support future-oriented economic, nutritional and environmental policies, REWE Group conducts a dialogue with political leaders on various levels. The company maintains offices in Berlin and Brussels that serve as platforms for dialogue and discussions with key stakeholders for trade, travel and tourism as well as REWE Group. REWE Group excludes no one who shares its values and principles from this dialogue. During the reporting period, a number of background meetings and events were held. Invitations to these meetings were extended to many different policy makers from a range of parties. The topics of sustainability, local supply and healthy diets in particular were addressed in a number of events. Representatives of REWE Group also met with officeholders and officials from government authorities to inform them about relevant issues and to explain the company’s interests. Representatives of REWE Group also participated as speakers and discussion partners at events that were organised by government authorities, political parties and trade associations and that explored political and social issues that apply to REWE Group.

Donations made to parties or political groups, elected representatives, government authorities, churches and other religious groups must be approved by the Management Board member responsible for the particular area and the Chief Compliance Officer of REWE Group. Every donation must comply with legal regulations and regulatory guidelines at REWE Group, including the code of conduct.

GRI 415-1: Political contributions

REWE Group-Combine conducted no political party sponsoring during the reporting period. In 2016, REWE Group joined a Social Democratic business group, Wirtschaftsforum der SPD e.V., and a Christian Democratic Union business group, Wirtschaftsrat der CDU e.V. The annual dues for both memberships are about 33,000 euros.

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