REWE Group Sustainability Report 2017
  • GRI report
    of REWE Group

The GRI report documents the progress made by REWE Group in implementing its sustainability strategy for 2017. In this report, REWE Group describes its strategic approaches to the sustainability topics that are important for it and shows the results of its activities based on key figures and projects.
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The complete report is based on the new standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and allocates the main GRI aspects to the four pillars of the REWE Group sustainability strategy Click the respective aspects to see the corresponding description of the activities in REWE Group. A filter function allows you to change the view in order to see the sequence of the aspects according to the GRI. This GRI report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI standard option “Core”. The GRI has confirmed the placing of the general standard information GRI 102-40 to 102-49 by means of a Materiality Disclosure Service.

External assurance

To ensure quality and credibility, REWE Group engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH to conduct a limited assurance review of this report. The reviewed sections of the report are identified by . The audit opinion includes general data about the engagement and the presentation of the review results (see Independent Assurance Report). The input data of climate balance were also verified by INFRAS AG and the Austrian Federal Environment Agency.

Statement Lionel Souque GRI 102-14

GRI 102-18 - 102-21

Sustainability Strategy

GRI 102-1 – 102-7, 102-10

REWE Group Portrait

GRI 102-8, 102-41

Employee Structure

GRI 102-9

Supply chain

GRI 102-12, 102-13

Initiatives and Memberships

GRI 102-16, 102-17

Ethics and Integrity

GRI 102-45 – 102-47, 102-49


GRI 102-40, 102-42 – 102-44

Stakeholder Dialogue

GRI 102-48, 102-50 – 102-56

Report Profile

GRI 201

Economic Performance

GRI 205, 206, 307, 419


GRI 415

Public Policy

GRI 418

Customer Privacy

Green Products

GRI 102-11

Risk Management

GRI 204

More Sustainable Product Range

GRI 204-1

Regional Products

GRI 204-FP1

Raw materials

GRI 204-FP2

Organic and PRO PLANET

GRI 301

Materials and Packaging

GRI 304


GRI 308

Environmental Standards in the Supply Chain

GRI 412, 414

Social Standards in the Supply Chain

GRI 416

Customer Health and Safety

GRI 417

Promoting Sustainable Consumption


Animal Welfare

Energy, Climate and the Environment

GRI 302


GRI 303


GRI 305

Climate Protection

GRI 306



Green Building


GRI 401


GRI 402

Labor/Management Relations

GRI 403

Occupational Health and Safety

GRI 404

Education and Training

GRI 405

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

GRI 406


Social Involvement

GRI 203

Projects and Sponsorships

GRI 413

Child Protection